The 6a+ Story

Hi, I'm Conor. And if you haven't guesses already, I love to climb. My story in the vertical world starts in South Africa at age 12, when my eldest brother (an avid trad climber), took both me and my other brother out sport climbing for the day. I tried a climb that I struggled so much on, I ended up in tears. But I was hooked. Unfortunately my brother moved away and, with no easy way to the rocks, I had to wait until I went to uni to start climbing in earnest. I joined their mountain club in 2007 and never looked down since.


Mostly a sport climber, I have also dabbled in the power fest of bouldering and the dark arts of trad climbing. I have since relocated to Ireland and find myself slowly getting more drawn into the joys of scaring myself silly fumbling with trad gear.


Enter SIXAPLUS, started in 2023, this is my way of sharing my passion for the vertical. T shirts are a big part of my (and most climbers) attire, but I have found a lot of the designs out there to be frankly a bit bland. SIXAPLUS blends high quality t shirts (100% combed, ringspun cotton) with fun, interesting, climbing-focused designs, giving you more choice on how you would like to express yourself at the gym, crag and wider world!